I ranian (Persian)

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Dr. Roghieh Mousavi
Shahed University
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Published Article See: Mousavi, R., Moradi, A.R., Farzad, V., Mahdavi, E., Spence, S., (2007),  Psychometric Properties of the Spence Children's Anxiety Scale with an Iranian Sample, International Psychology Journal, 1(1), 1-16       Download PDF 
See also: published article using a different translation Essau CA, Olaya B, Pasha G, et al. (2012) The structure of anxiety symptoms among adolescents in Iran: A confirmatory factor analytic study of the Spence Children's Anxiety Scale.  Journal of Anxiety Disorders  26(8): 871-878

Contact: Professor Cecilia Essau, Department of Psychology
Roehampton University,   Whitelands College,   Holybourne Avenue, L  ondon  SW15 4JD