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Susan H Spence, PhD

This site includes information about the Spence Children's Anxiety Scale (Child and Parent Versions) and the Preschool Anxiety Scale, plus a other resources developed by the author that you may find useful.

The scales are copyrighted to the author and may not be reprinted in full in any publication nor resold for commercial purposes. Information from the site, including the Spence Children's Anxiety Scale, may currently be downloaded and used free of charge by researchers and individual practitioners. Commercial organizations and for-profit clinical services should contact the author to discuss a commercial licence arrangement before use. Not-for-profit and government agencies should seek prior permission from the author to use the scale within their organizations, and a charge may apply.

Permission should also be sought from the author from those wishing to translate a scale into another language or to modify it in any way.

The scales are intended for research or for clinical use under the supervision and care of a trained mental health clinician. Their clinical use for any particular case is the responsibility of the clinician and the author does accept any liability with respect to their use.


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